Brewster High School has hosted its annual conference fully in-person on Saturday, November 20th at Brewster High School, New York. It was a hugely successful event, all thanks to the many delegations from our neighboring schools! Thank you Scarsdale, Horace Greeley, Pelham, Canterbury, Somers, and Rye Neck for participating! We hope the variety of crisis committees and general assemblies that took place were enjoyable, above all else. Also, a special thanks to the delegation of North Salem for not only attending the conference, but for collaborating with Brewster members in preparation for the conference. It was a pleasure!

Letter from Secretariat


To all delegations and advisors,


Welcome to BrewMUNC V! I want to start by expressing how truly overjoyed we are to be able to hold our conference in person this year. Our delegation has worked tirelessly preparing for this, and we are also happy to announce that this year’s conference is being run in conjunction with North Salem’s Model UN as well. Together, we hope to allow delegates to return to in-person debate with invigorating experiences and an engaging conference for all. 


This year, we will be offering five committees: The Colombian Drug Trade, where delegates will navigate the inner turmoil of Colombia; Captains of Industry, a committee of powerful individuals attempting to balance corruption and power; Avengers Endgame, a fight between two sides which will determine the fate of our universe as

we know it; Kaiserreich, an alternate take on the events of World War 1 with a tense political climate, and the Treaty of Versailles, where countries must decide how to move forward following the catastrophic Great War. Our staff have worked hard to ensure the success of these committees. Each of these committees promises rich and varied debate, and we hope that all delegates will take advantage of the opportunities presented! 


BrewMUNC will be held on November 20th, 2021. We anticipate a fully in-person conference and are taking the necessary precautions to do so. Position papers, though not required, are recommended, and should be sent to brewmunc@gmail.com by the morning of the committee. Should you have any questions, please contact the above email, and we will be happy to respond. 


Thank you all for attending BrewMUNC and we hope to see you soon! 


Jasmine Cabral, Secretary General

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