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Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan is a Senior at Brewster High School, and is proud to serve as Secretary General for her delegation this year. Sarah's love of meeting new people, learning new things, and debate drove her to get involved in Model UN. After writing a new Treaty of Versailles, United States Constitution, and preventing an Ebola Pandemic in previous committees, Sarah is excited to oversee the club’s operations and maintain the standard of Brewster Delegates. Outside of Model UN, Sarah is the Stage Manager for the fall drama at the High School and Captain of the Colorguard for the Marching Band. Sarah’s best advice for new delegates is to ask for help when needed, and that it is always better to be over prepared than to be left floundering. 

Nia Lurin
Director of Recruitment, Public Relations, and Training

Nia Lurin is a junior at Brewster High School and one of the directors of recruitment, PR, and training.  Encouraged to join by fellow cross country runners became a member sophomore year and instantly loved it.    After learning the basics, she found her way at her first travel conference at CMUNC as a delegation of the United States in the WHO conference.  She made many friends from different schools, and still talks to them today.  Outside of Model UN she is a part of Mu-Alpha-Theta, runs cross country and indoor/outdoor track.  Nia looks forward to helping new members and keeping everyone up to date on the goings-ons of Model UN! 


Rosemary Mahoney
Director of Recruitment, Public Relations, and Training

Rosemary Mahoney is a sophomore at Brewster High School and is one of the Directors of Public Relations, Recruitment, and Training. Last year, in her freshman year of high school, Rosemary decided to join Model UN along with a friend of hers. After participating in conferences where she made friends, got to get involved in fun and interesting discussions and debates, and understand new perspectives, she really began to enjoy the club. Outside of Model UN, Rosemary plays soccer, figure skates, and is a member of the Sophomore class.

Mak Grebb
Director of Crisis

Mak Grebb is a Sophomore at Brewster High School and one of the Directors of Crisis. After joining Model UN last year to learn how to get better at public speaking, Mak fell in love with the club. Model UN is now one of his favorite clubs and he encourages his peers to join as well. After participating in many amazing crisis committees last year, such as the fighting against the Mongols in the Mongol resistance, trying to steal the moon in the Cold War, and being on the side of the Ottoman Empire in the Crimean War, Mak is very excited to be one of the Directors of Crisis and help the club run smoothly. Along with Model UN, Mak is the treasurer of the Gender Sexuality Alliance and a Student Leader for Brewster High school’s theater productions. 


Kendra Gonzalez 
Director of Crisis

Kendra originally joined Model UN because she loved debating. Mr. Mullane had also recommended that she would enjoy Model UN if she gave it a chance. She ended up loving it. Kendra has made many friends from all around the country and learned how to be more confident in herself. Her favorite role she’s played in a committee is Miguel Vega Uribe in the Columbian Exchange, in which she ended up getting bombed and took over the role of her former alliance José María Campo. Besides Model UN Kendra runs her own business and is co-owner of Sticks & Stones. She enjoys baking, and dancing typical Spanish dances. Model UN holds a spot in Kendra’s heart and she is excited to see what her final year has in store. She hopes that you’ll grow to enjoy it as much as she does.

Sloane Duys
Director of Crisis

Sloane Duys, a senior at Brewster High School, has been involved in Model UN since her junior year and completely fell in love with it. As the leader of the creative writing club and literary magazine, Ursus. She loves being able to explore her creativity through a political lens. She’s a member of far too many clubs to name, but she mainly enjoys writing, video games, stand up, making people do the worm, current events, and making fun of private school gavel chasers. One of her favorite conferences included the former Sec-Gen singing “Let It Go” and a dance battle presidential race. She is excited to tackle the new year and serve as Director of Crisis!


Rae Miller
Director of Operations

Rae Miller is a junior at Brewster High School and one of the Director of Operations this year. Rae has always had an interest in debate and through Model UN she has found a great place to express herself. Joining in sophomore year, she has taken part in local conferences and CMUNC, where she represented Coca-Cola in the Fortune 500 committee. She has enjoyed all the conferences she’s attended and is looking forward to more. Aside from Model UN, Rae is the treasurer for National Art Honor Society, a violinist in chamber orchestra, and a member of colorguard. Rae is very excited to see what the upcoming year will bring for Model UN!

Ryan Williams
Director of Operations

Ryan Williams is a Senior at Brewster High School, her title in Model United Nations is Director of Operations. She started Model UN as a freshman influenced by her cross country teammates. Some of her favorite committees have been the Revolutionary War and the Treaty of Versailles, her favorite thing about Model UN is that anything can happen. She’s been a part of conferences with bird armies that took over the world and that is what feeds her love for it. Outside model UN she participates as a member in Mu-alpha-theta, runs cross country, plays lacrosse, is President of Science Honor Society and is Treasurer of National Honor Society. 

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Riya Gupta
Director of Operations 

Riya Gupta is a senior and serves on Model United Nations as the Director of Operations, managing EAGLE MUNC XI at Boston University March 2024. Riya was initially drawn to Model UN at the start of her freshman year because of all the opportunities to meet other individuals with similar interests, debate various topics, and understand all perspectives for historical or fictional conflicts. MUN conferences are always a blast, especially travel conferences, in which some of her favorites include the recent BREWMUNC V Conference where she emulated Akshay Gupta, FDR’s Cabinet, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Riya greatly encourages people who are interested to try it out, even if it is just for one conference! In addition to Model United Nations, Riya is a prominent officer for Brewster High School’s Robotics team as well as Democratic Congress. Riya is very excited to see what this year has in store for the club!

Roderick Cassidy
Director of Fundraising

A current Junior at Brewster High School, Roderick Cassidy is a Director of Fundraising/Treasury. Though originally joining the club to practice world domination, he has warmed up to the collaborative process (as means of world domination, of course.) Throughout his career, he’s destroyed the city of Troy, stopped the Atlantic Slave Trade, and seized control of the entirety of South America. A member of Model UN since freshman year, he’s also an active contributor to Bear Facts, the school’s newspaper. Along with running away from his problems, he runs Indoor/Outdoor Track, along with Cross Country. Roderick is excited for the future of Brewster Model UN, and if all starts to fall towards disaster, be rest assured his lifeguarding skills and dashing good looks will save it.


Charles Bloss
Director of Fundraising

Sean is a senior at Brewster High School and is one of the directors of Treasury for the club. He joined as a freshman and developed a love for Model UN. He has a great interest in history and debate. He always likes the fun and chaos that comes with the yearly training conferences. He really enjoyed being crisis for an Avengers: Endgame committee at BrewMUNC and being a delegate for a Russian Revolution committee. Outside of Model UN, he is the captain of the tennis team and a member of the National Honor Society. He is looking forward to raising money for the club's activities and a great year for Model UN.

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