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Jasmine Cabral

Jasmine Cabral is a senior who has been in Model UN since mid-freshman year and is honored to be serving as this year’s Secretary General. Having previously served as a Director of Conference, Jasmine is slightly biased when she says BrewMUNC was one of her favorite conferences this year. Throughout this eventful year she’s gotten to create a sentient lemur as RuPaul, plan a successful Fyre Festival with her bestie Paris Hilton and get stabbed 19 times by a fellow officer as Tybalt. Along with taking part in Model UN, Jasmine likes to draw and spend her money on free games like VALORANT so she can write essays on her skins later (and get a 100, mind you). Model UN has greatly helped her with public speaking and debate as a whole and she can’t wait for the 2021-2022 MUN year.

Angelika Tyhansky
Director of PR, Recruitment, and Training

A senior in Brewster High School, Angelika is one of this year’s Directors of Public Relations. Although originally joining her freshman year out of sheer fascination by geography, over the years, she has learned to love Model U.N. for all of its properties, including the unique (and usually deranged) people the club is comprised of. Although she had a blast visiting New York City for CMUNCE her sophomore year, her favorite committee to date may very well be BrewMUNC II’s Yugoslavia Wars, in which she operated as the vice-chair. Apart from debate, Angelika enjoys playing the violin, studying sign language, and painting. She is also the president of National Art Honor Society, the president of Science Honor Society, and the student leader of Ursus. She hopes for a fantastic year of MUN that everyone will enjoy and is determined to make it happen alongside the officers!

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Mattie Fitzpatrick
Director of Conferences

Mattie Fitzpatrick is a senior at Brewster High School and is currently serving as one of the two Directors of Conferences in Brewster’s Model UN Delegation. She’s been apart of Model UN for four years now and continues to take on the most ridiculous roles possible. Some of her favorite roles are King Louis XVI in the French Revolution (in which she became the king of Siberia) and Persephone in an Ancient Greek God Committee. Outside of Model UN, Mattie is an avid member of Brewster’s newspaper staff, field hockey team,and spring musical. She’s excited to help run BrewMUNC this year and hopes you can make it!

Riya Gupta
Director of PR, Recruitment, and Training

Riya Gupta is a sophomore at BHS this year. In Model United Nations, she is one of the two Directors of Public Relations, Recruitment, and Training. This is her second year in MUN and she loves the club so much! In addition to Model UN, Riya is a member of Democratic Congress, Robotics, Mu Alpha Theta, and other various clubs. Some of her hobbies include shopping, skiing, and traveling. From Model United Nations, Riya improved her communication skills and learned to not be afraid to reach out to others; she has greatly improved as a result when it comes to public speaking. Due to her experience in Model UN, she can observe and understand varying opinions because of the different dynamics between delegates in conferences. Ultimately, she has gained new friendships because of the club that she is grateful for. Joining MUN has impacted her a lot and she encourages anyone who is interested to definitely try it out!

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Emily Sullivan
Director of Conferences

Emily Sullivan is a senior, and has been in MUN for all four years of high school. She is spending her final year in the club serving as Director of Conferences. Emily spends most her free time involved with the performing arts department, listening to true crime podcasts or playing Animal Crossing. She's looking forward to one more fantastic year of model UN with Brewster High School.

Daniel Ramos
Director of Crisis

Daniel Ramos is a senior at Brewster High School who joined the Model UN club during his sophomore year and has loved it ever since. Daniel is one of the crisis officers for the 2021-2022 Model UN year. Daniel is also a part of the National Honor Society, and is a violinist in the Chamber Orchestra program at Brewster High School. Daniel loves listening to music and collecting vinyl records on the side, as well as playing video games like VALORANT with his friends. Daniel’s favorite position was being a crisis member in the Intel vs. AMD committee at the recent BrewMUNC conference, as well as representing Arun Gawi in the Mumbai Gang committee at BrewMUNC 2019. Daniel has learned the aspect of chaos during crisis committees, and the effort in leading and collaborating with his other crisis members. Daniel is very excited to look over crisis operations at this year’s BrewMUNC conference!

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Shashaank Sharma
Director of Crisis

Shashaank Sharma is a junior at Brewster High School this year. Shashaank is very excited to be an officer for the second time this year, and is glad to see everything returning back to normal after the wild year we’ve had. He hopes to have BrewMUNC in person and to attend other in-person conferences. Apart from Model UN, Shashaank also likes to play soccer. Shashaank looks forward to BrewMUNC and hopes to have a great year!

Emily Rusinko
Director of Operations

Emily Rusinko is a senior at Brewster High School. This is her fourth year in Model UN, and it is one of her favorite clubs! She loves crisis committees, especially fantasy ones! One of her all time favorite committees was a Star Wars Clone Wars Committee. She is a very active member of her school, as well. She is the Drum Major for the Marching Band, captain of the Ski Team, Director of Operations for NJROTC and a member of the Track and Cross Country team. She is also an active member in 4H. She loves all things Marvel and Disney too! She is also super excited for the 2022 Model UN year! Good luck!

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Owen Lennon
Director of Operations

Owen Lennon is a senior and he is currently serving as a Director of Operations in the Brewster High School Model United Nations Club. Owen has been a member of the club since middle school. During his time in the club, Owen has been to many overnight conferences. His favorite committee was the Amazon HQ2 committee at the 2019 CMUNCE conference in New York City. His portrayal of Bill de Blasio earned Owen a verbal commendation. Outside of Model U.N., Owen serves as the President of the Class of 2022, as well as the Treasurer of the National Honor Society at Brewster. Owen is also an athlete on the cross country team, the winter track team, and the golf team. When not in school, Owen spends his time reading, skateboarding, and watching a lot of movies. Owen frequently writes articles about movie news for his school’s newspaper. Now, Owen plans to make his last year in Model U.N. the best year yet.

Patrick Ford
Director of Fundraising

Patrick is a junior this year at Brewster High School. He is the Director of Fundraising and Treasury. He has been in Model UN for three years, and it is his first time as an officer. His favorite committee was at BrewMUNC, when he was part of the AMD v. Intel Crisis Committee. His favorite conference was NAIMUN 2019 because it was his first travel conference, and it was a really fun experience. Along with Model UN, Pat also runs Cross Country, track, and plays basketball in the winter. Patrick has learned so much from Model UN, like being a good public speaker and becoming more confident by speaking out. Patrick has also learned how to create solutions to fix the world's problems. He believes that Model UN can help any high school student.

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Suhaan Akula
Director of Fundraising

Suhaan Akula is a junior and one of the treasurers of Model UN. This is his third year in the club. Suhaan enjoys Model UN and is also a member of student government and science honor society. Suhaan doesn’t have a favorite conference because he has liked every one he has ever attended. Suhaan likes to watch movies and listen to music. Suhaan is excited to be in this position and is looking forward to the upcoming year